What Causes Dark Spots?

What Causes Dark Spots?
We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about dark spots since the release of our honey papaya soap! Check out these reasons you may have dark spots.

1. Sun ☀️ Exposure- It very important to always wear a spf. When you don’t and the uv rays hit your skin, cells called melanocytes react by releasing melanin. Melanin serves as a natural sunscreen because it absorbs energy and redistributes! That’s why people born with more melanin don’t sunburn as easily as fair skin people. #blackgirlmagic ✨

2. Hormones- Dark spots are commonly caused by hormones in pregnant women. During pregnancy hormones are typically all over the place which stimulates the production of extra melanin. That’s why some women appear darker in the face while pregnant. Birth control can have the same effect.

3. Inflammation- eczema, acne, trauma to the skin, allergic reactions etc. Hyperpigmentation(dark spots) is the skins natural reaction to inflammation. That’s why dark spots are so common after breakouts. 🗣I DON’T KNOW WHO NEEDS TO HEAR THIS, 🛑STOP PICKING AT YOUR FACE❗️

Products we suggest to assist with the removal of hyperpigmentation is our rescue kit! This kit primarily works for fixing reason #3. It includes the honey papaya soap, face cream and silk body butter. All three of these products work amazingly to completely diminish blemishes on the face. As well as scars and dry skin! Check out this kit by clicking link below👇🏾


If you found this post beneficial please let us know and we will continue to post valuable skin/ body care information! Any questions drop below 👇🏾

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