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Bad Girl perfume

i promise you i can’t go nowhere without people stopping me asking me what i got on cause it smells so good and i literally receive them all day because it last all day

The Eczema Kit
lakisha tennon
Amazing Eczema Product

All of the products made by Blake n Co have been beyond amazing and have treated my skin PHENOMENAL! These products are truly made to heal and allow comfort in our skin.

Maddie Pure Perfume Oil
Angela Rodgers
Love it

I was absolutely amazed that the product smelled so authentic and lasted over 15 hours.

Summer Dress Fine

It's a soft but powerful fragrance that gives summer dress fine vibes

Bel Air Brunch
Derasha Merrett
Loved it so much 🥳🥳

Everything was so beautiful 😍 the food was on point and The Ashley was my favorite part.

Just Like Candy

I love that is last so long and I get compliments all day!!

Terrible Shipping

Took almost 3 weeks to get here. This location is not that far from me. Bottles are TEENY TINY! I think the smells aren’t as strong as the actual perfumes

Silk Body Cream
Michelle King-Hoskins
Love it

I love Shea Cashmere it smells do good!!

Can't tell if it's working. No different from other creams I've tried.

Doesn't last all day

White Petals Pure Perfume Oil

Smell good lady

I absolutely love this oil at work and at home my coworkers call me the smell good lady and they say they know when I've been Ina room they can smell me and my husband absolutely loves it he's all over me when I put this oil on

Silk Body Cream
Markita E.

I get compliments all the time about how beautiful I smell. It also helps my skin stay moisturized longer and keeps it softer. Simply amazing.

I had to re-up! This is my absolute fav!!!!!!!

Delighted to finally have my hands on this! Might even smell better than the original!!!!

Yessss ma’am! Smells so good I can’t decide what to wear daily:)

Luvvv Soft Kisses!!

Love the scent!
Love the longevity!
Lots of compliments!

Bad Girl Smells beyond Amazing

When I tell you this smells so good and every man who has smelled it on me LOVES IT! The way it feels on my skin and rubs so smooth is AMAZING!


I ordered the buy one get one deal of It girl oil, body butter and perfume oil. I'm all set for the whole summer and I'm gonna be smelling amazing. One of my favorite scents of all time.


I love this perfume oil. This scent is my favorite so I played it with the lotion and the scent last allll day long !!! I get so many compliments and a little goes a long way with this ! Order it now

Silly Designer Oil

I absolutely loved the free bag that came with the designer oils I purchased. The material is perfect, so I use it as my cute swim bag. As a swimmer, it made me feel trendy, and I would definitely purchase other bags like it. That was a nice, warm touch for a new customer.

I also enjoyed the scented paper inside the box; it was very neat and fitting. Tropical Girl was my favorite designer oil. They all smelled good, but Tropical Girl gives me an exotic and sexy vibe, and that’s what I’m going for. Haha, my favorite part about the oil was its silkiness. I loved how it felt so soft yet moisturizing on my skin, and my skin glowed after applying it.

Thank you!

Smelling like a real Rich Girl. Xoxo

I used this with my exfoliate gloves and the way it lathers and smells was amazing.

The Bomb

Love these creams. Very potent and last all day. I love fragrance that last, and Blake & Co creams/fragrances does just that!!!!

Honey Papaya Soap
shanise hall
Honey Papaya Soap

My absolute favorite face soap! The only one I use. Makes my skin feel smooth and soft and helps with my dark circles.

Designer Inspired Body Splash
shanise hall
Body Splash

Love the smell and freshness it gives!