About Us


Hello my name is Adrienne Blake and I've struggled w/eczema my entire life. I've experienced the scaly patches, the dry spots, the dark spots and the miserable itchiness. As I grew into adulthood my symptoms improved, however I still wasn't confident in my skin. That's when I decided to start using natural products from other companies. Let me tell you, the products were helping, however, they smelled awful. That's when I decided, let me figure out how to formulate natural products THAT WORK + SMELL GOOD! Boom! Blake N Co was born. Here at Blake N Co, you can rest assured knowing you're getting handcrafted natural products formulated with natures best! With a chemistry background and Google, I've managed to formulate several amazing products! Less chemicals more food for your skin.

I've gone from reptile to soft, supple, hydrated skin! Let me help you. Your Skin Deserves a Transformation.