Issa Giveaway!

Hey Moisture Beauties!

Thank you all for your continued support & thank you all for visiting this page showing even more support. I need your help! I need more reviews of all products used on the website. I need more reviews on the Facebook page Blake N Co. I need testimonials posted to your social media with Blake N Co stash pictures or Blake N Co review pictures. When your orders arrive post them & tag me please. Please take before, during and after pictures. If you're masking send it a cute picture to your story etc. The gist of all this is help me completely blast Blake N Co on all social media platforms so the company can continue to expand. As of now I've completely outgrown my house. Look at this picture. I have two options get a bigger space or reduce operations. Reduced operations means longer order processing times, less products available on the website and more products frequently out of stock. So that's not an option! What's in it for you? Some awesome prizes! 

Prize 1- 4 Months Free Blake N Co products up to $75 face value per month

Prize 2- $250 Cash Prize

Prize 3- Facial Box or Beauty Box up to $75 face value

Prize 4- Travel Essentials Bag

*Also those who do really well promoting the brand will receive an offer to be a paid brand ambassador!

*Remember you can earn Moisture Points through the loyalty portal for referrals by giving them your link.

Give away timeframe 4/10- 5/1. Winners will be selected and announced 5/2! One winner will be selected for most creativity & over all standing out. Remaining 3 winners will be chosen at random. Winner number one gets to choose their prize. Remaining three will be assigned.


  1. While promoting you must tag Blake N Co. On Facebook our page is @blakenco or IG we are
  2. Must like & follow social media pages
  3. Must #moisturebeautiesrock this is how I will find entries
  4. Must make at least 3 post within time frame. More post = better chances of winning. Please do not spam your audience make them genuine post not sale-sy  I want to win post.

Get creative I want to see beauty demos/tutorials on you tube, post on Facebook & IG, cute tictoks incorporating Blake N Co products. The sky is the limit. Thank you!

The goal here is more exposure= more sales & customers= more revenue= BIGGER SPACE= hired help= quicker order turn around time= more bomb products= more products IN STOCK when you need them!