The Eczema Kit

The Eczema Kit

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Perfect kit for severe eczema or dry itchy skin.

8oz Silk Body Butter

8oz Body Scrub

Honey & Oatmeal Bar

2 Bars Black Soap


Directions: Shower with honey oatmeal soap or black soap. The honey oatmeal soap is more soothing if you have a flare up with itching occurring. The black soap is great for clearing up the eczema and dark spots left behind. You can alternate between soaps or pick a bar and use until gone before switching to the next. No need to use both bars back to back. Towel dry until skin is slightly damp. Apply body butter. The brown sugar scrub is to be used 1-2X a week. When adding it to your regimen add it after you shower and before body butter.

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